Music colours, naturalness, coherence, dynamics, low distortion: all at record levels. To achieve these results, we used the long experience of cooperation with the Scandinavian manufacturers of speakers, and we started to produce our own unique brand AudioBarletta that surpasses Scandinavian performances. We draw mechanical parts, selected membranes, impregnation, materials and shapes to meet our dream of perfect music reproduction. The cabinets is made only from selected Italian walnut: no artificial materials. The Cabinet must “mature” three weeks to be able to be milled and finished. Crossover is composed of the best parts available in the world. The choice of these components was mainly influenced by their music quality. Crossover uses our original system “Phase Zero” for perfect phase coherence response.



Xavian Epica
impedans: 8 ohm
Følsomhed (2.83V / 1m): 85 dB
Anbefalet forstærker: 30-120 W
Dimensioner *: 900 x 196 x 320 mm
Vægt pr stk: 22 kg